Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ear Thermometer

ade sesape nak beli ear termometer tak?? senang nak cek suhu anak korang kalau demam @ suhu sendiri pun boleh. 
100% accurate. harga preorder RM65. 
if become ready stock, RM 75 (ready stock maybe Jun 2012) 
(harga pasaran dalam RM150-RM200.)

Type:Household Thermometers
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Model Number:#796
Brand Name:hlcs
Thermometer Type:Digital
Thermometer Use:Ear Thermo
Package Weight:0.15kg (0.331lb.)
Package Size:10cm x 10cm x 10cm

1.Press the ON/recall button to turn on the thermometer.
2.Press the scan button,release it.when you hear a beep sound, the measurement is complete.
3.Press the On/recall button continously for the last ten memories(NO.9-NO.0)will take turns to display on the LCD.
4.After one minute if not in use, it will shut off automatically.

1.Display range:34.0'C-44'C(93.2'F~111.2'F)
3.Min Scale :0.1'C/0.1'F
4.Memory:10 memories
5.Taking times: One Second
6.Auto shut-off in 1min after nonuse
7.Battery : Lithium Battery(CR2032)
8.Battry life: Approx 4000takes
10.N.W.:80g(include battery)

Return Policy:
* We gurantee that our products has 6 months warranty.
* Defective/Wrong items been returned within the warranty period we pay for cost.
* If there is something wrong with products, we promise to give satisfied solution but a picture is necessary to proof.
Please Note: We do not cover any items for damage after use or as the result of water damage.


LYAfrina said...

menarik ni sha..mcm bminat.. tp kna tgu poket penuh sha..

~aSHa~ said...

Nk book dulu xde hal

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sama ngan k.izan CM ke ni dah order dah ngan die

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bagus alat nih....

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macam bagus jer alat nih...

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Meh book pijot. Tuk anak2 jugak

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Sgt bgs

mumu said...

kak sha org nak....kak sha pos boleh?

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